Can you plug in an ssd with a sata cable while the computer is on

Thanks please help quick
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  1. Can nobody answer?
  2. I don't think solid state drives support hot plugging.
  3. If the port in question supports hot-plugging (a moderately complex question), and you are running Win7, you can. But hot-plugging with a cable is not a good idea; there is too much risk of touching the wrong thing while the system is running. Be very careful.

    I hot-plug all the time, but I use hot-plug bays and do it with my case closed.

    EDIT: Why would you hot-plug an SSD? I only do it for my backup drives, and an SSD would obviously be overkill for a backup drive. My OS is on my SSD, but I would not hot-swap my OS drive. Just curious.
  4. If you do want to regularly swap your operating system's SSD, whats the best way to go about doing that? Is hotswapping so fast/easy that you could easily swap within a couple of seconds?
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