Harddrive Detected in BIOS...but not during Windows Installation

Hey guys
I recently just built my first computer. But there is an issue. When i go to install windows and it ask me where to install it from, my harddrive doesnt show up! Yet the harddrive shows up in the BIOS. What should i do? Ive checked my connections many times and i do not know what the issue is. Please help! Thank you!
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  1. A little more information would be nice, what kind of drive is it, what version of Windows are you trying to install?
  2. Sorry
    The drive is this one:

    And im trying to install Windows 7

    Thank you!
  3. It shows up during POST? You have the drive set in the boot order?
  4. yes the harddrive displays in POST and the drive is set in the boot order however it is not first in the boot order because i need to boot windows 7 from a disk. Also, i have changed whether the SATA is Native IDE to AHCSI (or watever it is) and in that case no harddrive or optical drive is in the BIOS
  5. Full version of Windows? AHCI is the correct setting. Windows 7 needs no special drivers or anything........certain you have the drives plugged into the right SATA ports?
  6. Ok so they problem seems to be solved. I had to open up the command prompt at the windows installation screen to format in NTFS and make a partition for windows to recognize that the harddrive was there. Now it seems to be installing smoothly. Will keep you posted though. Thanks for the asssistance!
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