Thermaltake Contac 21 vs. CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 Evo

Hey everyone,

So I'll be getting a new cooler. My Crosshair IV Extreme board should be arriving pretty soon so it'll kinda be a new build (not really). I have 2 coolers in mind (in title).
The Contac 21 is $25 and Hyper TX3 Evo is $22 from an Australian retailer. I thought it was a good time to upgrade from my AC Freezer 7 Pro R2 as my temps are around 50 idle and 65 load (X6 1065T stock but also due to 4x 4800 cards).
The Contac 21 should be cooler than the TX3 Evo right? but my concern is that I've heard the Contac 21 is really difficult to install. Can't find any videos on it or pictures so I can't be certain. I'd also like to know if wither of them can be mounted "both ways" - fan facing horizontally or vertically as I'd like it to blow to the back of my case.

Thanks in advance
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    thermaltake might cool a bit better than tx-3 , you could also look at deepcool mc3002gx , I use it on my fx8350 and 1100t , keeps them under 24c idle 42c all cores @ 100% with stock clocks , under 30c idle 53c all cores 100% OC'D 4,4 FX8350 3.8 1100t . Mounted so that fan is blowing towards rear exhaust fan . Easi install , no mounting plate needed
  2. Thanks for the suggestion on the mc3002GX cooler but I couldn't find that from any retailers in Australia. I use "" as it includes all major tech shops. So I'm leaning slightly towards the TT at the moment but really still unsure.
  3. Bought the Contac 21 and installed. Keeps around 45*C moderate use, plan on adding second fan. I've never had great temps because I'm still using a P3 case from HP Pavillion 8415.
    A friend of mine got the TX3 for his 3570K and it keeps that around 50 normal use.
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  5. Just an update, since a friend wants advice on this same question:

    Added a second fan (Sunon) to my Contac 21 a few weeks after I bought it and I idle at about 40*C with load at around 53*C
    The 1065T is overclocked at 3.7GHz
    My friend's Hyper TX3 Evo keeps a 4GHz 3570K at around 40*C
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