Help! my CPU is playing up

The other day i update my BIOS and re-overclocked my CPU to see if i could get it any higher. It was previously at 4Ghz stable for atleast 5 months. After a while of testing i notched it up again and got it up to 4.41Ghz at 1.525 voltage, unfortunately it crashed at login screen so i put it back down.
But since then my PC will have really slow moments like once every 10 minutes where nothing will load whether its a webpage, another tab or opening a program, basically nothing happens for 30 seconds or so and then it goes back to normal.
Have i somehow damaged my CPU??
Oh and when its in the slow period, there is a feint high pitch squeal (its really quiet) but its there. I dont think this is coming from the PSU or the GPU because they have never had coil whine and ive never heard the sound until i did that big overclock yesturday.
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  1. This is most likely your motherboard, not your CPU, GPU or PSU.

    It actually happens quite often lately.
    It's an issue of motherboards, it usually shows in that some "OverClocker" motherboards tend to OverClock fine, but have problems going back down...glitches, bugs, lags, crashes and freezings might start happening. It's mostly Gigabyte's and MSi's thing, actually. Their boards suck for OverClocking that way, some Gigabyte boards might simply "die" or even friggin' EXPLODE if you try to bring them to low (even just stock!) frequencies after OverClocking... :\
    I won't be saying that you have this exact issue there, but I'd say that it is a very high possibility, especially if you have MSi's or Gigabyte's board.... :\

    Also, believe me, it is VERY hard (almost impossible) to damage modern Intel's CPU with simply OverClocking it.
    They have special protection against that and something like this will not happen to any of the Intel's CPUs, especially to Unlocked ones.
    To AMD's it might, but not to Intel's. You are most likely to melt/fry your board faster than CPU will be damaged in any way whatsoever, lol. %)
  2. i have a Gigabyte 970A-DS3, what do i do??? its never had a problem before
  3. Well, if your warranty's still up and running, you can try RMA'ing it.
    If not...too bad, man...too bad...get yourself a new board (I highly recommend AsRock's, they are one of the most stable ones on the market right now, in the means of OC'ing).

    Also, here is what's usually happening to "OverClocking" boards made by Gigabyte if you return to stocks on them, after OverClocking for some time: Clickity-click.
  4. :( why does this happen to me!! i have a 27" ips coming in the post and then this happens.... Im on my mums pc now because i cant even get onto mine, it no longer gives power to the keyboard and mouse so i cant login. Is this 100% the mobo?before i try an RMA. Also where will i find my warranty i cant see any in the box.
  5. I cant remember which site i got it off either, but im thinking it was ebuyer
  6. The high-pitched squeal you described before, is most likely the caps on motherboard starting "leaking" after they "popped"... :\
    I'm sorry to tell you this, bro, but...this board's most likely as good as dead now. If not dead yet, it's almost dead nonetheless...check caps on it, if you see at least one with something like grey fluid coming out of it's tip, or if their heads got bulged out, then it really got it's caps popped and that's pretty much a dead board. :\

    You get your warranty when you sign documents on the purchase, get pay-check and etc., in the office or main shop, or during deliver by the courier.
    Look for those documents if you haven't thrown them out, or something....also the original retail box should be intact (if you bought it in a shop, not through e-bay or "Craig's list"..:\...), it is best for the original box to be present if you try to RMA a product. You also should've get a warranty from the manufacturer itself, with manuals and etc., in the box.
  7. Ok well thanks for your help im going to sort out a new mobo asap because i would cry my self to sleep if the new monitor arrived and i couldnt use it. So if you could please help me choose another one with a budget of around £60 that would be great.
    Ill sort out an RMA with the old one later on :D or just chuck if if theres no warranty left.
  8. For 60 Funds, you're probably in UK?
    Well, I've recommended boards for that amount not so long ago...let's see again...ebuyer, huh...

    AMD or Intel?

    I have some very good AMD board on my mind, for that money.
    For Intel it's quite harder to pick something really good for such small amount of money, but at least I'll try to pick something decent for you.
    Of course those won't be ultra-extreme OverClockers, so you should understand that you'd better not repeat today's "nice" experience if you don't want to cry in your pillow again. %)
    You could OverClock a little bit (maybe, like, "3.8~4.0", or so), but nothing "over the top".
  9. yes im in the uk and AMD . Yes im never going to try going over 4ghz again as i was safe at that mark for 6 months.

    how about this?
  10. benjanini61 said:

    LOL, I was just about to recommend this one to you as one of two possible variants. %)

    Second variant is this one (it's the FM2 socket, and since Trinity's been out recently and it has great on-board video, it's quite of a capable board if you'll get top Trinity processor (at the current moment it's A10 5800K) and CFX it with supported Radeons = nice quality and great potential for high power, great for mid/high-level gaming at little expense).
  11. Ive got a phenom x4 so it wont work on FM2 right? Also i the Asrock 970 i posted is only power phase 4+1, is that enough for my cpu?
  12. 6 phases are pretty enough if you don't do OverClocking all the time and don't use GTX 580/HD 6990, lol. %)
    As for FM2...yeah, Phenom II won't be compatible, but remember that Trinity has very powerful on-board video, so it basically goes instead of video card for some time, and that's "2-in-1" economy by default. It's a variant, it doesn't mean that you have to buy it just because I recommended it.

    BTW, it's an entire HD 7660 that's in top Trinity processor, that is fantastic for an integrated video. Intel's nowhere even near that level at this current time.
    You basically buy a processor and you have entire HD 7660 installed already, that makes 90% of modern low/mid-end builds sooooo easy that it's not even funny.
    Entire FX platform turned out to be a complete joke and absolute fail, but at APUs AMD really kicks some major ass! %)
  13. Ok well i guess ill go for the asrock 970, im soon going to get a single hd 7950 3gb, will that mobo still be enough for the 7950 and 24/7 4ghz phenom
  14. coz its 5 phases, 4+1
  15. benjanini61 said:
    I'm soon going to get an HD 7950, will that board still be enough for the 7950 and "24/7 4GHz" Phenom II?

    It would be absolutely fine for that video card (but processor might bottleneck your GPU later, depends on what Phenom II X4 you have.
    If it's Phenom II X4 955 BE, then it's fine, if lower, then it's not), but as for OverClocking...seriously, man, you just got your board fried today and you still talk about that? Maaan. %)
    I guess you could OC to 3.8GHz, but why are you so inclined on the "4GHz" mark?
    I've checked info on that board you fried, it was able to go that far as 4GHz, but I doubt that AsRock's board for 63 Funds is a good victim for doing those experiments. %)
    Come on, man...let it go...just...let it go...
  16. I have a 965 BE. Yer but i dont understand that because its been on 4ghz stable 24/7 for over 6 months.
    Ok well with that in mind can you recommend a slightly better board which will be able to get to 4ghz. My budget is £90 now, but that has to include delivery.
  17. And the board i fried only cost £50
  18. Oh man.... :\


    ...sigh...oh you go. This one should hold 4GHz just fine.
  19. how about ????

    Has an 8+2 power phase which will future proof me abit more. For when i get a new CPU
    Its only £75 on amazon with free delivery!
  20. 1. More phases doesn't always automatically mean "better".
    Latest UP7 is a prime example: it looks fantastic and has 30+ phases, but still performs like SH*T. :\

    2. It's almost exactly the same board that you fried. You wanna one more from Gigabyte? Right away? Fine. I'm washing my hands, man. Do what you want.
    Looks like this entire thread was pointless from the very beginning... :\
  21. Well i only asked about this board because it was recommended to me on yahoo answers. Ok i will get the asrock 970, as asrock have alot of recommendations. Thanks for your input man.
  22. Read PM.
  23. As i cant access my pc until the new mobo is installed. Does it matter that i cant unstill the old gigabyte drivers. Or do i just shove her in and then put in the disc for the new drivers.
  24. The only drivers you should use from a disc is network device drivers (so that you can configure your internet connection), everything else you should download online, because you'll get most freshest stuff that way. Same goes for updating BIOS. And again - Read PM.
  25. Thanks!
  26. Read the PM, man!
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