Just installed my Samsung SSD, D drive listed as System Reserved?

Why do I have a D drive listed a System Reserve 60.6mb free of 99.9mb?
My second HD is listed as E drive.
Does that D drive have something to do with the SSD?
I did not have that when I was using my WD 640g HD as my primary

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    Best guess: You installed Windows 7 recently. A Win7 installation likes to create a 100 MB partition for booting and the recovery console. If there is only one drive on the system when you install, it will be on that drive. If there are more, it has a strange habit of putting it on a drive other than your OS drive.
  2. yup fresh install on my new samsung ssd, i did not plug in my second hd untill after my ssd was setup, now my second hd shows as e drive and my cd rom shows a f drive
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