What case?

hi guys.

I'm plannig to get a new case, this because I am really starting to feel the lack of space in my old(and cheap;) micro ATX case, and because I am going to upgrade to a larger GFX card too, in the near future. Actually, I'm afraid it won't fit.

But what case to get?
my criteria:
- As spacious as possible, ATX?
- PSU not necessary
- Good airflow
- Preferably silent, but needs to be able to GO FAST every once in a while
- bang for my buck! :)

I've been looking around for some time now, and I was thinking of one of these:

1: Antec three hundred (€35)
2: Thermaltake Soprano black + window (€59)
3: Cooler Master CM690II Advanced (€59 too)

The antec is cheap, yet looks good to me.
The thermaltake just looks awesome :love:
And the coller master just looks very functional.

so, which one(s) would you guys reccommend?
please give arguments!
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  1. From this three Cooler Master CM690II Advanced is the best.
  2. looks like your heart is set on the thermal take and cases are mostly about personal taste once you leave the entry models

    P.S. why do you think the antec looks cheap? it has an excellent build, tons of room, with great air flow and fans for its price.
  3. I didn't say that the Antec looked cheap, it just is;)

    and @groba, why do you think the cooler master is the best?
  4. The CM690II is the better quality unit i have one.I've built a 300 before and it's good but not as sturdy,hefty if you get what i mean.Lighter side panels.
    But the Antec will be quieter imo both these units have good airflow.
    I have a 902 with 5 case fans running on low and it's quieter then my 690II with 3 case fans.
    The 300 uses the same fans more or less.
    I think either way you won't be dissappointed.The CM690II is very roomy.
    Newegg sells a premium version called the 300 Illusion which is very nice.
    I wouldn't even consider a Thermaltake in this equation i don't think their fan quality is even close to CM and Antec.
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