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Popping sound since new RAM

I just installed 2 new sticks of RAM yesterday (2GB Crucial x2) to coincide with my existing 2 GB of RAM (1GB Corsair x2), making it 6 GB total.
My OS is Windows 7 32 bit, CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHZ.
The problem is an inconsistent popping sound, which ended in a system freeze and crash at least twice (might have fixed that part of the issue).
I noticed audiodg.exe was using quite a bit of CPU usage, so I disabled all sound enhancements, and I no longer see it using anything anymore. So that seems to be fixed.
For the actual sound setup, its a bit complicated; creative I like to call it. The sound goes through my ATI Radeon HD 5600 HDMI port, through to my HDMI switcher, then into my projector, which then gets routed to the actual stereo (which is just a regular stereo set on AUX; which the sound is plugged in).
I've done a lot to try and fix it, but the popping sounds won't go away. I also know its not the stero system, as it plays CD's, accepts other AUX sources just fine with no popping/hissing/static at all.
Thanks to anyone willing to take the time to answer my question!
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    My initial thought is Mix-Matched RAM; most MOBOs require the RAM to have the SAME: Speed, CAS Timings, Voltage, Size, and Type. Refer to your manual.

    Q - Does the problem stop when you run ONLY the Crucial or ONLY the Corsair? If yes then there's your answer.

    Please post your exact MOBO + revision, and links to your exact RAM {both sets}.
  2. Its a P5Q Asus motherboard, I can't open up the case as of yet, as I'm backing up for the next little while.
    I can edit/post in more specs when I do get to open it up, but I'll try and find the exact RAM sticks. Not sure if I'll be able to find the Corsair ones, as they're from a few years ago, but I can update that when I get to open the case later on.
    I will try and find the mobo manual though, thanks for that suggestion, and thanks for the reply so far.
    Also, to note, the popping sounds stop as soon as I start listening to music/watch a video/YouTube/etc.
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    Use CPUz to identify the Part Numbers {SPD tab}

    ref ASUS P5Q {13 versions listed} ->

    Typical ASUS configs:
    "You may install varying memory sizes in Channel A and Channel B. The system maps the total size of the lower-sized channel for the dual-channel configuration. Any excess memory from the higher-sized channel is then mapped for single-channel operation."

    CPU | A1 | A2 | B1 | B2 |
    Ch A = A1+A2
    Ch B = B1+B2

    Try the following:
    CPU | 2GB | 1GB | 2GB | 1GB |
  4. I will try that config, I had it as 1/2/1/2, and then as 1/1/2/2.
    I did the Crucial scan to find the RAM sticks I had bought, and a few seconds after completion, I got a BSOD.
    I removed the Corsair ones, and there is no more problems it would seem.
    No more popping sounds, no more crashes (I did the Crucial scan and waited awhile to see if it would crash, which it didn't.)
    So it would seem it didn't like the Corsair+Crucial.
    I will check later on Asus' website to check if the new Crucial ones are listed under their QV's. (Corsair ones were, I believe)
    I still want to try out your suggested config though, as it would be nice to still use the Corsair alongside the Crucial, although not entirely necessary.

    Thanks for the help jaquith! I'll let you know how your suggested config fares in the near-future.

    Edit: Looks like the Corsiar+Crucial combo is no-good after all.
    My sound is currently shut off because of the insane amount of static/distortion/general white noise blasting out. Looks like I'll be sticking with the Crucial's.
    Thanks again.
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  6. I hear ya - I'm not too surprised. If you list the exact RAM I can suggest some BIOS settings to 'try'; the reason for the order was how the Channels work - if you read the ASUS info then you get why I thought of that order.

    Mix-Matching Example:
    RAM1 1333 8-7-8-25 2T @ 1.5v
    RAM2 1600 7-8-7-24 1T @ 1.8v <= running at 1333, lower timings - good 'guess' CAS-1
    RAMX 1333 8-8-8-25 2T @ 1.65v <={the voltage is the biggest issue}

    Good Luck! :)
  7. Well I have a new problem now...
    I just have the two Crucial ram sticks, and now I'm consistently getting BSOD'd.
    I'm running memtest just to check them out, and its run for about 2 hours with 2 passes and no errors, so there's something else wrong.
    Are they not compatible with my mobo? Because when I ordered them, I made sure they were.
    Here's the exact one I got. (x2 of course)
  8. My initial assumption is the wrong DIMM slots or settings; Clear CMOS.

    Next, I need to know the exact MOBO ASUS P5Q {13 versions listed} ->

    Also, if this Thread gets closed then Private Message me {click on the 'green' Envelope under my name}.

    I'm calling it quits for tonight.
  9. i have also that problem , when i played warhammer and other online games i hear popping sound from my speakers and when i played music theres no popping sound ....
  10. "Popping sound" - sometimes disabling "Legacy USB" can correct the problem, and with HDMI "overdriving" the sound - sound levels too high for HDMI; assuming HDMI is driving both the video and audio. Further, use only (1) sound output source {e.g. HDMI only}, proper control panel configurations, and the latest drivers.
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