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I know there is a ton of info out on this site...its very helpful.

Im trying to best figure out the best setup for the hardware I have. I recently bought a system for around 1400 and its been great. For using vegas pro It could be faster. I think its my HD setup...which i didnt put much thought into---bad idea--

the system is as such:

Motherboard: ASROCK X58 EXTREME 1366 RT


RAM: 6GB total 2Gx3|OCZ OCZ3G1600LV6GK R

HD: I own (2) 80GB and (1) 320GB ide drives(I know they suck!) and
(1) 1TB sata 2 7200...on the even slower end:
(1) 500GB USB and (1) 2TB USB


So what would be the best setup using my current hardware? Do I install win7 on the IDE and use the sata for scratch?

I was thinking of buying Premiere pro..but to make it worthwhile I probably need new disks.
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  1. What are the exact models of the drives? If the 1 TB is a newer drive (i.e. Samsung Spinpoint F3, Seagate 7200.12, Caviar Black), they're likely to be the fastest standard HDDs out there.
  2. Western Digital
  3. The IDe drives are all seagate barracuda..sorry the sata is a WD caviar black
  4. Yes, but which one? Model numbers are helpful because the speeds differ greatly depending on the exact model. For example, the old WD Caviar Black 1 TB 7200 RPM (the SATA II verision) is very slow compared to the other drives released in the same time frame. But the WD Caviar Black 1 TB 7200 RPM (the SATA III version) is the fastest standard drive available (it's also the most expensive of the 1 TB).
  5. That would be the fastest drive you've got. Install the programs to that.
  6. Thanks for the advice and quick response!
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