New SSD Installed, Old HDD Not Recognized HELP

Hi guys,

Followed the guides here.

Unplugged my old HDD. Installed OS on new SDD. Ran it for 2 days. Everything works fine.

I plugged my old HDD back in and I got 2 new drives showed up

E: (System Reserved) - 100MB
F: (Win7 - old OS) - 465GB

My HDD is a 2TB Samsung F4 drive. How do I reformat/repartition the old HDD show it would show up as one drive with 2TB free space?

Thanks much!
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  1. In Explorer, right-click on Computer > Manage, then Storage > Disk Management.

    You may lose any/all data on the drive by continuing:

    Find your 2TB drive in the bottom mid section, you should be seeing something like
    | E: System res. 100 MB | F: Win7 465 GB | 1.4 GB Unallocated |

    Right click on the "F" partition, select delete partition.
    Right click on "E" partition and select extend and have it add the other partitions.

    Hope that helps, or at least points you in the right direction.
  2. thanks.

    But I don't see the option to select 'Extend".

    Also, I do not see 1.4GB Unallocated
  3. if this is a new build with an old hard drive check the sata port settings that there not set to ide.
  4. Hmm... if it's a 2TB drive and the only two drives (ie partitions) that showed up when you plugged it in were E: 100MB and F: 465 GB then there have to be ~1.4 Gigs hiding somewhere. As the 1.4 Gigs (roughly) didn't show up, I assumed it was unallocated space. What do you see?
  5. well...i went ahead and deleted both drive E (100MB) and drive F (465GB).

    now, the only thing I see on Disk 1 (Samsung 2TB) is 465GB of unallocated space.

    i am wondering if i need to use another tool to repartition the lost space.

    any suggestions? thanks

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  6. smorizio said:
    if this is a new build with an old hard drive check the sata port settings that there not set to ide.

    The Sata Ports are set to AHCI because I have an SSD on it.
  7. Looks like a 500 GB drive... am curious to see screenshot as above too
  8. here's the screenshot under Device Manger

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  9. The HD502HJ is a 500GB unit :)
  10. hey sorry guys. just checked, and apparently i popped in the wrong HDD.

    i also got 2 other Samsung 2TB drives.

  11. It's all good. Keep in mind if it's still unallocated space as in your initial screen shot, you'll still need to right click the drive in disk management and create a volume for you to be able to use it.
  12. thanks i did create a new volume. things are good now.
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