Swiftech MCP-355 High Pitch Vibrations [audio file included]

Last night I decided to SLI a graphics card. However during that time I had to lay my PC flat to properly install it.

The problem that I completely forgot is that the air pocket from my reservoir started to go into the tubing and it slowly leaked air into the pump.

Before there was the same high pitched vibrations but I solved that through adding a resistor and the pump is running at 8 amps instead of the full 12 amps.

I tried rotating the pump to see if there were any air bubbles inside the pump, but to no luck I'm still getting the same noise.

Any suggestions on what could be the cause of the noise?
I've attached an audio file that I recorded from the pump, trust me it's quite annoying and the noise seeps into my open-back headset...

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  1. If you run the pump in your hand, does it still let off the same noise?
    If it doesn't, its a simple vibration problem. Use something to pad the pump to absorb its vibrations.

    If its still noisy in your hand, then its probably that air bubble trapped in their. One possible solution would be to drain the loop then fill it back up again.
  2. I'm kinda curious about the res mod - but in the mean time I might suggest jumping your resister to get your full 12 amps to the pump for a few minutes, laying the case on its side and getting the air out of the pump. Hopefully into the res. I'm assuming the pump is still attached to the waterblock
  3. Sorry for the late replies, I've been trying out your suggestions. None of which have worked, however it really does sound like there's an air bubble in there that would never go away despite how long or what position it's in.

    There's a 1/8 foam padding in between the water block and the surface contact.
    I'll provide a photo of the pump when I get the chance.

    In the end I might just replace the pump as I've seen everywhere on the internet that this pump is supposed to be near silent.
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