DFI Lanparty JR will not boot with 8 gig

I've had my AM2+ DFI Lanparty JR 790 GX for a while, it is a Rev A board. I've just upgraded the RAM to 8 gig 1066 (4x 2gig) and the CPU to an AMD Phenom X4 965.

The system boots fine with just 4 gig installed using any two of the ram sticks. But if I install all the 8 gig it fails too boot. But this is where it gets really odd. If I 'down clock' the ram to 800MHz the system will boot fine with all the 8 gig installed and run any burn in test I run. Setting the ram to it's true speed of 1066 it fails to boot. Gets stuck when it goes to load the OS.
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  1. I checked out your motherboard specs, and it doesn't list 1066 as a supported standard. It only supports up to 800, with a max of 8GBs of ram.

    You seem to be merely flat out of luck with the board.

    *Note: Before upgrading, always consult your documentation. Your motherboard should have come with a manual listing its specs and component support. This is a vital step to ensure everything will work before you blow your time and money on upgrades. All too often, however, people miss this completely.

    Though why it works fine with only 4 gigs installed but at that speed make me scratch my head. Again, read the documentation, it probably makes note of this.
  2. Hi, where did you read the specs? The DFI website does not work with Google chrome, it mixes the pictures of the boards up. So if you were using chrome to view the page you may have been reading the wrong data set.

    For this board it states DDR2 1066 is supported. Also after mailing DFI they did say the board supports my chip and ram.

    Anyway I did a bit of routing about on the Crucial website as this is the brand on my memory and it seems this is not an uncommon problem. A Crucial engineer replied to one post saying that some board whilst support 1066 can not do so when all dims are populated. And this seems to be what I am seeing with my system.

    Doing some bench marks there is a only a few % between 800 and 1066 so I can live with that, as I run a virtual PC a lot I need loads of ram + many cores more than I need maximum performance.
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