Motherboard has 10-1 USB Socket, Case front USB cable has 5pin plug all connecte

My Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard has two 10-1 USB 2.0 Sockets, one of which is used to connect a backplate with 2 USB andd 1 eSata. The other I would like to connect to the computer front usb sockets.
My Thermaltake VL20001W2Z Element V Computer case has four seperate USB cables from the front ending in a flat straight 5 pin plugs.
5 pin plug from front of case
VCC Red Cable
USB 1- White Cable
USB 1+ Green cable
GRD Black Cable
Unnamed pin probably has the covered shielding

Motherboard Socket
Pin Numbering unknown
Right to Left Botom Row has
Blank (No PIn)
and Top Row Has
The same in reverse order with the 5th pin named NC.
Can I connect two of the front cables, ensuring that the VCC pin on the plug goes to the +5v socket on the motherboard and ignore the 5th pin on the plug that appears to have the cable shield attached.
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  1. I'm currently trying the Element V case, with an X58 mobo. That's exactly the config I used to activate the front USB and eSATA ports. Lemme know if the same set up works for you.
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