What LCD is a good match for 5970?

What would be a good LCD for this card? I'm looking to spend around $300. It will be used for gaming.

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  1. $300 will get you a 1920 x 1200 or 1920 x 1080 LCD. The HD 5970 is basically overkill for that resolution unless you are trying to max out Crysis in which case i would wait another 5 years for a video card that can give very good frame rates with max graphics quality.

    My only experience with a monitor in that price range is the Asus VK246H see following review. The Asus VW246H is the same as the VK, but no webcam.

    I recommend staying away from Hanns-G since they are basically the bottom of the barrel in terms of overall quality.
  2. You can get a good 23" 1920x1080 for under $200. (ie. Dell or Acer)
    25" monitors with 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 will cost in the mid 200s.
  3. Any Samsung 24'' or bigger. I'd definitely go bigger than that, though. The 5970 can handle a 30'' no problem with all details on high on most games...
  4. Well I kind of pulled the $300 number out of the air. What would be the ideal LCD for that card? Am I looking at $500 range? $700? thanks
  5. Ideal monitor is a 30" but they are 1300.00 plus...
  6. How about 3d monitors... Looking at the trend more 3d games on the way.. ?
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    There is a $999 2560x1440 monitor out now, toms did a quick review on it recently.

    It isn't the size, but the resolution. Generally when people refer 30" monitor, they are actually meaning to say 2560x1600, the common large resolution. Those are often 1300+.

    That card could easily run 3x 1920x1200 (or 1080) monitors in eyefinity (a flagship feature for the 5xxx cards). 3 of those for a couple hundred a pop would give you the real estate to work your card, heh.
  8. Any single 3d monitor.. size 22'' or 24'' ?
  9. Well I pulled the trigger on a Dell 3008WFP and blew my budget, oh well.
  10. rstoecke said:
    Well I pulled the trigger on a Dell 3008WFP and blew my budget, oh well.

    Having a 2560x1600 monitor is one of a few configurations that can utilize and justify the power of a 5970, I wouldn't consider that a bad decision at all (and wish I had the computer budget for that sort of real estate and horsepower, indeed. A little bit of envy is good for motivation, afterall.:))
  11. I couldn't resist someone is selling refurbs on Ebay with 2 year Dell warranty and with my cash back and Ebay cash back I got another $100 off. So in the end ~$770 shipped.
  12. Sweet deal :D
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  14. Good choice on monitors. I have one and love it.
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