Water cooling Larkooler BA-2241

anyone know about Larkooler BA-2241? is the quality good?
this water cooling got a set of CPU&GPU.

and also this is my first time to use a water cooling
is it possible that the water tube will blow up or having little holes that the water will splitted out?
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  3. Pretty obscure brand, that's almost reason enough not to go for it, cant find anything other than user reviews on it.
    However, did find this.

    Radiator ( Larkooler RX240 ) specifications:

    # Body structure using air conditioner class material, excellent thermal performance.
    # Mounting bracket with high-degree of freedom, in accordance with user preferences DIY installation.
    # Fittings and nuts have been designed to prevent water leakage.
    # Dimensions: (L) 302mm x (W) 124mm x (H) 35mm
    # Tube diameter: (OD) 8mm x (ID) 6mm
    # Weight: 700g
    # Material: brass aluminum fins

    Aluminium is not a metal you want in a water loop, it corrodes very easily with other metals.

    The included coolant is pointless and you only get 250ml, a loop of that size would definitely need more.
    Also the thread size on the ports isn't even G1/4, so upgradability on it will be limited unless you want to fork out on adapters (doesn't even specify what thread it is).

    From one of the user reviews, it gets temps within 10c of a H50.

    IMO, its not worth buying.
    A better option would be an XSPC Raystorm 750 kit, much better than that Larkooler.
  4. Over at MartinsLiquidLab a review of the Larkooler is in progress. There is also a review of the H220 and XSPC X20 750 R2.

  5. Quote:
    Aluminium is not a metal you want in a water loop, it corrodes very easily with other metals.

    It's got a brass interior, which is fine, but only the fins are made of aluminum. However, copper-finned rads make up pretty much every other rad on the market, and aluminum is a pretty shitty heat conductor in comparison to copper.

    In conclusion, same result - do not buy.
  6. The radiator tubes are copper, double row single pass, no tanks. I would take a pass on this one also, $20 cheaper could get you a Rasa 450 with perhaps better thermal performance and maybe better fans without LEDs.
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