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Trying to bring old p.c desktop out of closet for past 3 yrs,,xp pro-No disc-no nothing, except the OS installed on It.KTKRAID,SOFT-SWITCH,mobo. Do have product key&serial,,,valid? hmmm,,90Gig seagate H.D, This unit used to be my Brothers before he left to go overseas for the Service. I would like to have It running for him on his return home. I was trying to upgrade the same hardware, to go online mostly. Ethernet card, and drivers. When I realized that after the unit ran for awhile, the unit blinked out, and went (BSOD) error code[system32\dll.dll] yep.. I tried boot disc to no avail,safe mode maybe, system will not access past ABIT logon,Ido not know the password. Now I have my xp home edition disc ,,,,but I am stuckin the loop i.e push R for repair. round&round ,,,No luck. Can any one help? MuddyMike?? The VGA card is Raedon 9200 128mb the processor is a AMD socket set A Athlon ,-,built-in 370 HTP- 370 chipset
I tried the 6 xp recovery disc,and made it to the #6 disc.The Blue screen came up with 2 messages on top left
STOP:c0000221 unknown Hard Error
\System Root\System32\ntll.dll
I would like to try to salvage the OS...And most of the programs are Obsolete...although I have some Programs I would like to save I am willing to part with.
Thanx to everyone,,,,,mupton
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    You're going to want to write down the error code for the BSOD...the one with all the numbers like

    x0000 0002 0011 etc.

    and then Google that. Let us know how that goes...
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