Can'tget aair out

My system has been hooked up going for 12 hours I have leaned the case
, shaked it a little I can put it on its side and get the air out and the pump gets silent but when I turn it right the air gets back in I have lifted the bottom 200mm radiator to the very top of everything and used the bleed screw and I still can get it right but when I putit back air gets trapped nback in. Any tips willbe appreciated . Here's a picture of the loop. Flow goes res>pump>240 rad>cpu block>200mm rad>res
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  1. Actually it's been quiet ever since I posted this.
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    Make sure the res is completely full when rocking it around and if air gets to the res when rocking it, refill the res before continuing.

    If the res is not completely full some pumps can draw in air that are inside the res, like the XSPC.

    Even when the res is as full as you can get it, there's still some air in it, in your rocking around, don't allow that air to re-enter the pump intake.
  3. + 1 , and you may want to reroute that tubing by flipping the orientation of the 200mm rad to have its ports facing up, so any air trapped in its plenum chamber is exitted through the ports.

    Another word of caution, would be:
    I've seen most people leak test in a similar fashion and noticed that when the components and hardware go in the movement taken by the dangling cpu block(s) tends to loosen the barbs/fittings off of the block(s) and then you have a leak on your hand even though the system maybe deemed leak tested a few mins ago.
  4. I leak tested for 12 hours like that because it was my first time then leak tested for 3 hours with components in. Right after I posted this I finally got all the air out, i was just being impatient.
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