$200 to upgrade Video Card and Powersupply

Hello, I currently have this computer :

I am looking to upgrade the power supply and video card on the computer form newegg.ca. Now, my budget is about $200 for both, any recommendations?
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  1. Hmm so what resolution/settings you plan to game on?
  2. 1600*900 on a 20 inch hp monitor
  3. JackNaylorPE said:

    These are 2 different power supplies
    This is the original Seasonic from the JG review

    This is the EA500D, that you will get from Newegg

    The way to tell the difference is that the Seasonic built unit had 2 x 17 amp 12v rails and the Delta built unit has 2 x 22 amp 12v rails, both have a 34 amp max output.
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