(solved) Bad motherboard or wrong bios setting?

Hi all,

I had a working PC, GA-P35-DS3P with E5200 and 2GB of DDR2-800 Ballistix ram. Recently I decided to add another 4 GB DDR2-800 wintec value ram and fill up all 4 Dimm slots, and it was plug and play, works great.

then I got a hair in my A$$ and swapped out the E5200 with Q9300. It got pass the POST and into window startup screen, then it just goes dark and reset on its own. I have tried the following:

1) goto BIOS and set all freq. and volt. on auto. No go.
2) goto BIOS and unclock CPU to 200mhz instead of 333mhz. no go.
3) goto BIOS and set CPU feq. to 333 and set ram from 667 to 800. no go.
4) downgrade bios from F12 to F9 which is listed on gigabyte as the 1st compat. no go.
5) pull out all but 1 stick of 2GB wintec ram. Works!
6) add 2nd stick stick wintec ram on same color coded dimm slot. no go.
7) swapped out PSU from 430W to 600W thinking it was not enough power. no go.
8) pull out all wintec ram and place 1 stick of ballistix ram. tried all slots. no go.

At this point I am thinking something is wrong with my motherboard memory controller...but I don't understand why it is so picky on the memory brand. Should I up the DDR2 voltage and try again? Or is my motherboard toasted?
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  1. Have you actually cleared the CMOS at any point during your BIOS updates and memory swapping?

    Does the motherboard still work properly with the E5200?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have clear the bios pins in between those steps. And I should elborate on 5) as I have put one stick of ram and E5200 in first, it works so I swapped it out with Q9300 to see if it still works.

    What pisses me off is I bought the motherboard August of 2007 so I am SOL on the warranty. Paid premium price for it too thinking I can have a motherboard that will last me a while.
  3. When you say "No go." on seven of those eight steps do you mean "It got pass the POST and into window startup screen, then it just goes dark and reset on its own."?

    What version of Windows are you using?

    Does it boot into Safe Mode?
  4. hi, yes I mean the condition I described. I am running win 7 ultimate. And no, it will not boot into safe mode. it will result in the condition I described even if I put in the window 7 boot disk and attempt to reinstall the OS.

    I have reinstalled the E5200 with the 2 sticks of wintec ram and boot into bios, change the freq to 667, and was successfully boot into windows. but as soon as I stick my ballistixs in there it won't even POST.

    I am thinking about just biting the bullet and buy one of the newer 775 mobos that support Q9300. Should be cheaper than the $150 I paid for the P35.
  5. What version of BIOs is installed on your MB? The Gigabyte website says that you have to have at least F9 to support the Q9300. Also, you might be running up against Windows authentication issues by upgrading your CPU...
  6. Don't waste your money. I don't think you need a new motherboard.

    Crucial Ballistix DDR2-800 requires 2.0 Volts for proper operation. Standard DDR2 memory module voltage is 1.8 Volts. Your Wintec Industries Value RAM is most likely to have an operating voltage of 1.8 Volts.

    When you add new RAM to a system, and you want to keep using the old RAM, you need to make sure that the operating voltage of the new RAM you purchase is the same as the old RAM's, otherwise you're going to run into the problems you're currently experiencing.

    At this point I would suggest you only use the 4 GB of Wintec Industries Value RAM, at least it's double that what you previously had.

    I'm assuming you did not change the DDR2 OverVoltage Control in the CMOS Setup Utility to +0.20V when you installed the Crucial Ballistix memory modules. Try this change if you are using the Crucial Ballistix only. Leave this setting at [Normal] if you're using the Wintec Industries Value RAM only.

    When the Q9300 is installed:
    What value do you see for the CPU Host Frequency (MHz), is it 333?
    What is the System Memory Multiplier (SPD) setting set to, [Auto]?
    What is the Memory Frequency (MHz) setting?
  7. Thanks for all the reply. Ko888 was on the track...I bought the motherboard but before swapping it out I decided to give it one more round of test. I put E5200 on with one stick of wintec to boot into window. once on, I installed cpuid and copy the jedec info on the memory, and it says it will work across the board from 200mhz to 400mhz with 1.8v. I researched on the jedec on the ballistix, and it says I need 2.2V! for 400mhz. So After I got all the timing info, I reboot into bios and change the ddr2 voltage to 2.2V from 1.8V. changed the speed from 800 to 667 (so that it's 1:1 with CPU FSB) There is no timing info I can adjust on F12 bios (F9 has it). So I stick in my ballistix and.....VIOLA! it worked! It's been working for a week now...I hope the 2.2V won't degrade the life of the wintec ram though. Thanks again guys for all the suggestions.
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