Can\'t get vid thumbnails to show pic on windows xp

Lost my computers ability to show a preview pic on videos i download.There used to be a pic sample of the video in files but it no longer appears.How to i get it back?
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  1. Go to Folder Options and uncheck "Always show icons, never thumbnails".
  2. Thans for replying..but where can I find folder windows 8?
  3. If it's for Windows 8, why does it say XP in the thread title and posted in the XP section of the forums?
  4. sorry bout the time of the original post I was using xp....recently I bought a new computer and it has windows 8..but the same issue still stands
  5. Go into Windows Explorer in 8 and under one of the tabs, Folder Options should be there. I haven't personally used Win8 much, so I'm not sure.
  6. Those URLs have no relation to this thread.
  7. Thanks for the info...but its already unchecked
  8. I remember there is an option in XP and 7 that I remember seeing about the balance between visual effects and performance. I don't remember where as of now, but if I do I'll post.

    There is an option that says "Let windows choose what's best for my computer" or you can pick your own custom options to select what visual effects you want. Maybe somewhere in that thumbnails for icons have been disabled.
  9. an update! Upon further looking into this I fins that only videos/clips that are wmv. are showing a pic on the files. Anything else ( rm. flv. mp4. etc etc etc) do not! Also when I download a clip it automatically downloads as an flv! HELP!
  10. What are you using to download videos?
  11. Basically realplayer...funny thing is , is that when I download the clip with it the pic shows in the file in the realplayer library. After I transfer it to my files the pic doesn't make the transfer
  12. If you are downloading from youtube, I suggest using a different program. One is from

    If you're using Firefox, then install the add-on: Easy Youtube Video Downlaoder. It will download in a proper video format.

    Since you're using XP install VLC media player to be able to play all the video files or K-lite codec pack to view the files in Windows Media Player.

    I wouldn't recommend RealPlayer.
  13. That has no relevance to this topic! Don't post here!
  14. Thanks for the tip...problem with that is that I have an external hardrive that had videos pictures documents etc etc and the videos on that USED TO show the pics on there files as well. On the external hardrive the only videos that show pics on there files is wmv. It used to show all. Most of those videos were made long before I changed to windows 8 or got the new computer so it CAN'T be a realplayer issue , it HAS to be some sort of computer program setting issue.
  15. In Windows see what your defaults are set to. Is the default player for .wmv Real Player or Windows Media Player? Set it to WMP if it's anything else.
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