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Im moving my motherboard, HD and Dvd drive into a new Thermaltake V9 case and buying a 550W PSU aswell as 256MB graphics card. Would there be any problems?

Because im confused :heink:
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  1. If that is either an ATX or mATX form factor motherboard and if the GPU interface matches the expansion slot for GPU on your motherboard it's all good ^^
  2. Foxconn says 256MB is max in the AGP slot and its a Micro ATX
  3. Ok so as long as the discrete GPU is an AGP card then it will be fine
  4. tyvm because now I have a 64MB and it makes my PC crash from anything from WoW to youtube to even windows movie maker. So this should fix that maybe?
  5. What discrete GPU u eyeing?
  6. AGP, Nvidia Geforce FX5500
  7. or ATi Radion 9200
  8. Well i'd say try to hit 7600GT/HD 2600 AGP cos you'd need a wee bit more horsepower for gaming but those are a tad pricier ^^
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