Replacing upper cover on T4215; Touchpad glued?


I am trying to replace the badly worn upper cover to my Fujitsu T4215 life book tablet PC. I have everything disassembled however the circuit board to the touch-pad is adhered to the case in some way.

Does anyone know if this is a conductive glue or another adhesive?

How would I remove the board and re-attach it to the new upper case?

Any help would be sincerely welcomed.

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  1. i doubt its a conductive glue so it should be just a simple adhesive. Contact Fujitsu or go to their website. there should be a document availiable that describes the construction of the laptop and use that information. Just especially with laptops be very careful
  2. I appreciate the help.

    I will try Fujitsu again. Instead of trying to remove the touchpad from the old case perhaps I will buy a new one. I'm not sure what solvent to use and it does not come off easily.

    Thanks so much and if anyone else has touchpad experience in which the circuit board is glued to the upper case or if you have a Fujitsu, please let me know.

    Thanks again,
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