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Hello (This is my friends account because a confirmation email wasn't sent),
I've previously overclocked my CPU to 4.2 GHZ and at this speed it ran with stability. But I was told that I could easily achieve higher speeds as the temperatures when ran with prime95 were quite low. So I attempted to overclock it to 4.6, but received multiple overclocking failures. I tried lowering the speed until it worked and that was apparently at 4.3, which wasn't much difference really. But when I run prime95 now at 4.3, I receive either fatal errors or illegal sumout errors on always 2 cores (Random cores, just always 2 fail). Why am I recieving these messages. Also, in the BIOS I set my voltage to auto if that's any consolation.

PC Specs:
AMD FX6300
6970 2GB
16GB RAM 1600MHZ
ASUSTek Computer INC. M5A87
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  1. hello,

    yeah not enough voltage. you are gonna want to slowly raise the voltage till it gets stable. dont go above 1.5v, and stay under 62c (as far away as you can)

    I had the fx6300, anything over 3.8ghz, needed a voltage boost (for me)
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