ESATA uSB 3.0 round robin

I am looking for the following type of device and not sure which product fits the bill. I need to share one drive between two Windows PC-based computers - one with a USB 3.0 external connector and one with an ESATA connector. I need for the device to be plugged into both simultaneously though I will not be accessing the drive simultaneously from both computers. What I will do is disable the USB and ESATA via software in both the computers and then will enable one - for example - the ESATA on one computer and do a backup to it and then I will disable the ESATA via software and enable the USB 3.0 on the other computer via software and read from the drive. Once I have read I will disable the USB. At no time do I need simultaneous access. I know there are systems that can do this via a button but I want to be able to do it via the software disable and enable function. Any suggestions as to correct product would be appreciated.
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  1. It's not a good idea? It would be awfully risky; if both machines tried to access the drive at the same time hopeless corruption could ensue. I would suggest a Network drive, except that that would be slower than the two connections that you name.

    I have seen similar questions on the forum before, and I don't remember ever seeing an answer.
  2. Thanks. I won't be accessing both simultaneously.
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