I have a hp a818n pc and it won\'t turn on but the green light on the back of th

My desktop pc went dead on me while I was using it.It rebooted itself a couple of times on its own before turning off and going dead.I was told it was probably a power supply problem and that I should replace the power supply.I changed the power supply and the computer is still dead.A local tech gave me a used power supply to try and get my computer running again so I can start transfering the data to another pc.When I installed the power supply the green light on the back was lit up.When I plug the 24 pin plug(P-1) into the motherboard the green light on the back of the power supply goes out.The fans do not run either.Also,before my computer died,the dvd/cd tray would open and close by itself.What could the trouble be?
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  1. Was there a 12v 4 pin connection on the board for the power supply? Start out by not connecting any of the hardrives or optical drives to see if it posts. Use only one ram stick at a time. Then connect the power supply leads one by one until the problem appears again. If it won't do a bare post, then the board may be bad.
  2. I'm thinking call HP support if this computer is still under warranty. I wouldn't bother with it at all; those PC's are a dime a dozen. You can buy a refurbished one for around 60$ and put in your old HDD in it. Simplest route.
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