Surge Protection for PS3 and Xbox 360

Forgive me if I'm in the wrong category, but I figure this is where the gurus are.

I've just acquired a Panasonic G25 50" plasma and a PS3. I already had an Xbox 360.

There are rumours abound on the interwebs that one should never plug a gaming console (especially a 360) into a surge protector. I find this difficult to believe, but I'm willing to entertain it may be possible.

I've got a Monster Power Blackout HDP 660 Power Center bar that the guy at the store threw in for next to nothing with my TV. It supposedly provides "clean power" in addition to protecting against surges.

Can I plug my TV, my 2 consoles, and perhaps a Logitech set of speakers (4.1) into this power bar and sleep soundly at night knowing there will be no issues?

Thank you all for your assistance.
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    I have had my Xbox plugged into a clean power surge protector for the past 3 and a half years, along with a 55" LED tv and a 1000w surround sound system. No problems whatsoever. I think that's just nonsense.
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