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Biostar a7703 Lever won't stay down!

Hi First time build. im at the part where you install the motherboard components. I opened up the lever and dropped the cpu in and it plopped in perfectly. Now i went to close the lever and it went down the first time. than i lifted it up out of curiousity and then tried to close it down again. It popped up to a 70degree angle instead of the 90 degree angle it started at before i put the CPU in. everytime i try and push it down pops back up and stays.

I tried removing the CPU and was going to redo the process but i can't even get the CPU out. Really Need help.

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    With the lever lifted flip over the mobo. The CPU should fall out of the socket. If not, gently try to grab it from the sides and pull straight up. It will come out. Problem is, that socket might be damaged and you will need a new mobo. Make sure the lever is lifted all the way up when trying to remove the CPU.
  2. i managed to get the lever up with a little force. it seemed a little flimsy so i didn't want to put to pressure on the lever trying to get it to stand back up. i just kept lifting it up trying to get it to move and finally the socket moved back to unlocked position. at this time i took the cpu out and made sure it was aligned which it was. than i tried to close the lever again. same problem. but after many tries it finally locked into place. i realized after looking at the lever, the lever had to clear this little white tab of plastic sticking out.

    its locked now. the heatsink was a breeze compared the cpu. all is well got everything installed. had a difficult problem figuring out which cable goes where. after realizing the pattern for each device. the cable install was easy except those little cables right next to each other and the last cable. the power cable for my disc drive. it did not want to go in. but after 20 minutes of trying it finally went in.

    itching to get home now and finish it up. just got to route some cables for function. also got to wait for the OS to come in the mail. after that im looking to see if all the parts held up through my installation :lol: . also want to see what my computer can do.

    for a first build, i really enjoyed the installation process minus the cpu and motherboard scare. i can see why people build their own pc. i started at 6:00 PM and finished the installation around 11:00 pm. didn't really notice the time flying. that is when you know you are enjoying yourself.

    thanks for the reply. just glad i don't have to go through the whole return process(YET :cry: hoping no DOAs ).

    believe this thread is now pointless. feel free to delete.
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