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I'm trying to talk on Skype and my voice is going through alright, but my friends also hear everything else VERY LOUDLY (music and game sounds) even when I lower my audio output to minimal levels, though for some reason they can't hear my typing nor mouse clicking. Are there were any ways to get rid of these background noises?

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. An array mic would help. It has 2 mics. One to measure outside noise and the other to hear you talking. Similar to jawbone's noise assassin technology. Except this is done all in the computer rather than in a tiny headset and using a very sensitive microphone that touches your face.
  2. Possibly you are broadcasting the PC sounds as well as your vox. I had a similar issue on team speak until i found a hidden setting in the realtek control panel, something to do with SPDIF output being broadcast as well?
    Have a look through all of you sound control panel options, check the system tray for any other speaker type icons, not just the default windows icon. Look for a red speaker icon adn that will be the realtek jobby for the onboard chip.

    I had to look really caerfully through every single option in there and systematically work through the various tick boxes/options.
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