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I am trying to build a new system with 1 SSD and 2 HDD all sata on my new asus z67 mobo. I installed windows with AHCI mode. Everything is fine, however 1 of my HDD shows up as the wrong size and diskmanagment cant initilize it, But if i go to bios and set AHCI to IDE all 3 works fine!!!!! why is that? both bios and intel rapid storage sees all 3 harddrives fine. it's only that one HDD that's giving me problems. Any Help is appreciated thanks
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  1. Two questions.

    One, when you try to initialize it with disk management, is there already a partition on it? To initialize it, you have to first delete all the partitions. Could that be your issue? If not, can you provide more information about what Disk Manager shows for the drive?

    Less likely, there could be something wrong with the drive. Do you have the time and inclination to download diagnostics from the disk manufacturer and run them if we don't come up with a simple solution?

    Two, does the system boot if you change AHCI to IDE? I'm confused about this; a single windows installation should have low-level drivers for one and fail to boot if presented with the same system drive with the other setting.

    Three, what is the "wrong size?" Could this be as simple as the computer calling 2**30 bytes a gigabyte, and the manufacturer calling 10**9 bytes a gigabyte?
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