Rampage Extreme 3 No Noise Solid CPU LED

I just put together my latest build it is a Rampage Extreme 3 by Asus. I am running an I7-950 Bloomfield 3.06Ghz.

My power supply is a 1000 watt ABS Dark Beret.

I have built many PCs in the past so im pretty confident all is set up correctly. When I started up my first boot, I did not hear any bios beeps at all my screen stayed black and was never able to access the bios. The LED for CPU on the mother board is a steady red. I was told it could be a CPU issue so I proceeded to remove the RAM to see if id get a beep if I got a beep I know the bios is being reached I did not get a beep at all. I even tried another power supply from my current PC and same problem. I inserted a speaker as well to be sure. All the fans light up and run, my case fans, cpu fan, vga fan everything seems to be getting power. Now I am just at a loss as to what else this possibly could be Does it sound like Motherboard issues or Power or CPU?
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  1. Make sure you connected

    (1) cpu power connector, either 4-pin or 8-pin ( if not connected, it gives you a red cpu led light )

    (2) cpu hsf connector to the correct fan header ( if connected to a different header, it spins but does send cpu-fan healthy signal causing red cpu led light )

    If above does not help, you have to remove cpu, check and refit it. Still no go, motherboard or cpu could be defective.
  2. make sure the CPU and heatsink are also properly put in. Buy check the 4pin or 8pin EPS connector
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