Dual GTX 9800s, or Single GTX 260

Hey here is my choice, I can either get dual GTX 9800s, or a single GTX 260, which should I choose? Which option is going to last me longer before i'll need to upgrade again?
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  1. The 9800GTX's will be much more powerful. If your mobo supports crossfire, consider dual HD5770s for about $280 as well, which will last you longer. Will knock the socks off of 9800GTX's.

    What's your processor/power supply?
  2. I haven't built the machine yet, but I'm strongly considering A Phenom II x4 3.2ghz. The power supply I purchase will depend on the card(s) I buy, I'll get whatever I need.
  3. Also, might going ahead and buying dual gtx 260s be worth the $200+ difference in price?
  4. Nonono, grab dual HD5770's for only $280. Dual GTX260 is $400, which an HD5870 (single card, mind you) will absolutely crush.
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