Dropped Dell 4550 desktop on sidewalk moving help!

My computer got dropped on the sidewalk, the motherboard slid out of place and the cover for the heatsink/CPU was popped out.

Plugged it in and it is DEAD. Just finished putting 100 bucks for disinfecting and ram.

Now it won't even power on. Any suggestions?? Where to start checking. I have an extra power ssupply, but nothing else.
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  1. You seriously paid someone $100 to clean your computer? Anyway try a new power supply and nothing connected besides that, a memory stick and video.

    I'd look for cracks on the mobo or proc.
  2. No, I paid 45.00 to get virus out and 40.00 + shipping for crucial memory. Regardless of that I think the Mobo is cracked. I think I will try to find a computer for parts and give it a try to fix it myself.

    Thanks for the replies! Wish me luck.
  3. take the whole thing apart and start over... Also: you must wipe off the thermal paste and reseat the heatsink.

    Edit: I forgot to mention: APPLY NEW THERMAL PASTE. If you don't, the cpu will be fried in minutes.
  4. jednx01- This might sound kind of dumb, but I don't understand why the new thermal paste is so critical. Laptop -yes, but a desktop??
  5. Desktop/laptop - it makes no diff, If the HSF is removed from the CPU the old thermo Paste must be removed and new paste applied. The old paste will be "dried out" and not fill in the the microscopic places where the HSF and the CPU contact.

    (1) Reseat the CPU and then Reinstall the HSF on the CPU, Using NEW thermo compound.
    (2) Check all power cables to the Motherboard (and Video card if it uses one) by disconnecting and reconnecting.
    (3) Reseat all memory modules
    (4) Disconnect all HDDs and CD/DVD drives, Both Power and data connectors, Disconnect Data connectors at mother board end.
    (5) Try powering on and see if you can get into the BIOS Screen.

    If you made it this far, Consider yourself Very lucky.

    (6) If step 5 works, then power off and reconnect HDD. Power on and see if it will load operating system. Most likely the HDD is toast, but worth a try.
    (7) Try reconnecting DVD drive. If HDD worked then reconnect DVD drive and check it out. If HDD (step 6) did NOT work disconnect HDD and try inserting your Windows installation disk - It will tell you no HDD found, But you will know if DVD drive works. Get a New HDD and reinstall Operating system
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