What are the sockets for n61pb m2s

Its a Biostar Mobo, I want to upgrade my CPU which is a "AMD Athlon 3200+ single core." I want to upgrade to something a little better like an Athlon X2 duel core. My current CPU is AM2.

I want to know if the "n61pb-m2s" mobo supports AM2+ because when I first ordered it a while back, I recall that it was AM2/AM2+ but i just want to make sure

I've made several searches and found no information.
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  1. As far as I can make out its an am2 plate, try finding your bios version,
    update it to latest version you can, you might be lucky and find they added am2+ support but thats for you to check when you find the bios updates
  2. Where can I find these updates?
  3. On the manufacturers website or google 'n61pb-m2s bios updates' should net you some results
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