External Firewire Drive on 2 PCs

I was looking up if it was possible to share a Firewire Drive (My Book Studio) to be exact on two computers, one mac and another pc.
Now I know that the generic answer for this is just to share it on the network, but that results in much slower speeds and also i just want to know whether the following situation is possible, or will result in corruption. On the external HDD I have 2 partitions, one HFS+ and the other EXFAT (yes i know horrible format). If I were to plug in both firewire cords to the different machines, mounting only one partition on the Mac and the other on the PC will this cause any troubles (besides slower speeds when simultaneously reading from both)?

Any input appreciated. Thanks
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  1. I just put my two cents worth in on a similar question, and it's that you risk corrupting your entire drive unless you have one machine at a time controlling it.

    You have a Mybook studio with two firewire cords? Oh, so they do. I would think that it's to daisy-chain units.
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