Using a 775 heatsink on a 1155 motherboard

I've got a few Skythe Ninja 775 coolers from the dark ages and want to use one on my next 1155 build. The spacing of the mounting holes with 1155 motherboards is apparently 75mm. I looked on the 775 heatsink mounting plate and its a little closer together. But there seems to be some room to file the hole so the spacing could be a little farther apart. I'm not sure if it will sit flush on the CPU as there may be something pushing it up a bit somewhere. I don't have another 775 board here to compare it with. Has anyone attempted this? There must be tons of perfectly fine 775 heatsinks lying around not being used after the users upgraded to newer motherboard types.
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  1. The hole lineup is slightly different and i don't advise anyone to use a 775 heatsink on a 1155 board.There are some great budget options like the hyper 212 plus and evo from coolermaster for the 1155.
  2. What do you mean "hole lineup"? The hole pattern is square for both. 1155 spacing is 75mm. 775 spacing is a little less. By filing out the bracket holes on a 775 heatsink bracket a little (mine seems to have at least the option for a 2-3mm extension) one might be able to change the spacing to 75mm. Just wondering if anyone has attempted it. And especially if there's anything else in the way. And why did I sell off my Dremel tool???? :)
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