My Radeon 9800 Pro bit the dust would like to up grade it a little so as to play newer games like modern warefare.My processor is a Pentium 4 at 3.GHZ,8 Klobyte primary memory cache-512 secondary .1024MB DDR SDRAM AT 400 MHZ. MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD BUS CLOCK 800 MEGAHERTZ.WOULD LIKE A FASTER CARD MID RANGE AGP IN PRICESAY UNDER 200 DOLLARS
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  1. A 4650 agp if you are lucky to find one while a 3650 agp would suffice but both are low end now days. To have better options you need to build a whole new rig your is just to old. The best thing you can get for agp is a 3850/70 while there are others to pic.
  2. You can pickup a HD 4670.

    The HD 4650 is slightly cheaper.

    Of the two, I would recommend the HD 4670. Your single core P4 will probably bottleneck it a little bit, but even so it will be faster than the HD 4650.
  3. Wow, you're late by 8 years! I remember when that card was hot *** back in 2002...
  4. I dnt think so he is late. He is prolly intime for the latest. :)
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