GA-x58a-ud3r rev 2 SB over-voltage red led blinks


I have just assembled my computer with the following specs

processor : I7-950
motherboard : GA-x58a-ud3r
PSU : Zalman zm600hp
Ram : Kingston 2gb x 3 ram
Graphic card : xfx 8800gt alpha dog

I have tried switching on the computer, all the systems fan operated, screen is blank, NB over-voltage blinks green led, SB over-voltage blinks red led and the computer never starts up.

Any idea on what can I do?

thank you.
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  1. Have you got both the ATX-20 and 4 pin power connectors plugged into the board?
  2. Yes, I have plugged in the ATX-20-24pin into the board.
  3. There is a second 4-pin that plugs in a different place than the 20-pin. Thought that might be it because I got similar simptoms with my first build. I didn't plug the smaller pin in. Was thinking that the one longer was all that was required. Looking at your board I see an 8-pin that is at the top-left of your board. This is the one I was trying to refer to. The longer and the smaller pins both should be connected.
  4. i have tried plugging in all available power cables... but still the same... i realise that my ATX-20 power connector has an empty pin at pin 20. Wonder could it be the caused for it?
  5. the solution found is to replace the PSU.
  6. I had the same problem and went and bought another psu it did not fix the problem. Any other ideas....
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