Cooler for a NSB.

Right, I need a HSF that can hopefully get an i7-930 near 4.3ghz.

Wich is better:

Corsair CH50 Liquid all in one, or the Meghalmens Rev B?
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  1. Meghalmens Rev B
  2. SO that Corsair Liquid Cooler for 80$ is a bad idea?
  3. Its not a bad cooler but a higher end air cooler HSF IMO would give you lower temps at the same OC then the H50
  4. .... Which makes it a bad idea :)

    Can anyone show me some benches to prove that claim?

    (I mean, the H50 barly beat the crappy V8, so prolly true)

  5. Gets ownd by cheaper HSFs.
  6. And, I was looking on the site, and Goddamn amazing here ( Is he on Nitrogen?)
  7. lol that's hardcore OCing
  8. I have a new Idol.
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