HDD no boot files, then boots?

So I woke up this morning, computer was in hibernate, wouldn't come out, no deal, turn off my computer, turn it back on, I get to "Loading Operating System" screen
It stays there and then I get an error, I forget cause I'm a complete idiot, I searched it, the cause was no boot files, on Microsoft's website.

So I call my sister, ask her; may I borrow your hard drive, she agreed, so I quickly tested her hard drive on my computer, it worked, so I switched to my hard drive immediately, still no, I had to go to work so I let it go, got home from work, tried again, no.

Anyway, so I take apart my computer, in the hopes of installing my DVD Drive I just achieved from another job I did, got it in, reinstalled my hard drive booted up one last time
and here I am, it somehow works now and I have absolutely no clue why.

My main reason for posting is this: I have been having MAJOR issues with crashes in VIDEO GAMES, only when I am playing a game, while running a video/youtube on my second monitor, I assumed "hey XFX gave me a crap product before maybe this one's dying now", but since this happened, I'm beginning to think this has nothing to do with my graphics card, although I artifact in certain levels on Vindictus, but never on other games, nor any other levels, and my rig runs battlefield 3 well.

So could those issues above be possibly linked to this hard drive?

I'm still using the exact same connectors for this hard drive as I tested on my sisters, so I know it's not my mobo's connectors/SATA wire.

Gigabye 880 GA UD3H
WD Caviar Green 1TB Drive 7200 RPM
Radeon HD 5850
8 GB Kingston HyperX Blu 1333mhz
Phenom II 955 x4 @3.9
580 W Xion PSU

Anything I'm missing feel free to ask, thanks for the time guys, truly stumped by this one. :heink:

ALSO: Since I'm most likely in the market for a hard drive I'm thinking just an SSD, I've heard good and bad about this

But is the OCZ Agility 3 (128 GB) a good/bad choice? I saw it was top 2 of lower range price range but I'd rather wait if I'm gonna end up shoveling money into a furnace.

EDIT2: Might end up with Crucial M4 seen better reviews and the THW Hierarchy
+SFC /scannow No integrity violations, gonna chkdsk eventually, just afraid to shut off my computer lol, I don't expect to come back afterwards.
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  1. i would run the wd smarts tests on your drive to see if it fine. and i would check to see if there any firmware update to fix a wake on sleep issues. some seagate drives had a firmware bug that would brick a drive after so many power cycles. i would run a program like msi afterburner to see where the vbideo card drivers and vendor bios set your gpu fan speed. the set the fans anywhere from 10-40 percent. that ok for web surfing but in games it to slow to remove the heat a gpu makes. one other thing to look at is your ram and is it on the mb qual list. a lot of hangs can be ram that not supported by your mb.
  2. My ram's supported, my GPU temps and fans are completely fine, and I'll look into the firmware and WD Smart tests
  3. passed the quick test gonna do extended.
    Checked for Firmware updates, none on the WD Site, the only things were 3 versions of the WD Lifeguard Diagnostics (SMART as you referred to), a partition software and a clone software

  4. Passed Extended, dammit.
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