Samsung 830 SSD not seen in bios on ahci, can see it everywhere else

Im trying out this ssd and ended up doing a new build. I put in 2 ssd's 1 samsung 830 128 and 1 samsung 830 64. jumped in to bios to set to ahci and rebooted and drives werent listed. They are listed in my boot priority list as scsi samsung. Applied my boot drivers off the mobo disc, finished install. did my updates, checked registry, everything good. Except I still cant see it in my bios. Im using the latest version of bios, and on top of that my boot time seems a little long. Im wondering id there is a controller issue with AMD 990. Here are my bench marks.

Read is 525 mbs
Write is 150 mbs


Amd FX-4100 3.6
Gigabyte 990fxa-UD3
Samsung 830 series 128gb ssd
Samsung 830 series 64gb ssd
Samsung DVD/RW
16GB Kingston Hyperex
Antec 600 PSU
Fractal Arc case
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  1. I am confused about two things

    First, where is your OS installed? On one or the other Samsung, or on a third HDD?

    Second, if you can see the drive in Windows, you can see it in bios. Could it be that you put one of them on a port controlled by the "2 x Marvell 88SE9172 chips" instead of the southbridge? From my reading of the manual, the Marvell chips control eSata, so this seems unlikely.

    Just to get my head around this, how many drives are in the machine (only the two SSDs?) and how many disks do you see in Windows (Explorer and, if you have multiple partition on one drive, Disk Mangler).
  2. Well my os is on the 64gb ssd, I have a total of 3 drives, and have played musical chairs with ports. But I fixed it yesterday pretty simple, I bought a gigabyte z77x-ud3h and an i5 unlocked. After spending days reading forums iv come to thing that the controller on the 990 has compatibly issues. I shop at a local micro center and talk to fellow shoppers and have heard of samsung and intel ssds having problems with the 990 chipset, but works fine with OCZ ssd and from my understanding both ocz, samsung, and intel ssds have all different controllers. I had 2 990 boards both of them could not see anything on AHCI ports 4/5 are ide and could see my optical drive, I went ahead with the install and windows would take 50 seconds to boot. I put this new z77 board in and boom already on AHCI and seen everything did install and 13 second boot time from post to inside windows. After this expensive experiment with ssd Iv ended up with an amazing computer and I will never by an AMD product again.

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. fxdgearider612 said:
    I will never by an AMD product again.

    Thanks for the reply.

    This guy is using Intel and has the same problems.

    It really has nothing to do with AMD vs Intel.
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