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Hello i was wondering if a cpu cooler that i got on clearance, a thermaltake V1 black widow pc gaming cpu cooler which supports the following sockets-

i was wondering since it supports socket AM2, if it would support an AM3 socket motherboard?

thanks again, i got it super cheap so i was wanting to use it for a build, if not then ill resell it for a profit.
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  1. if the cooler fits AM2 mobos, it will fit AM2+ and AM3
  2. Quote:
    yup, the physical sizes of AMD's sockets havent changed since AM2

    it probably has more to do with the back plate not changing since I'm pretty sure the V1 uses one of those lovely universal set ups...if your not about to break your mobo its not set up correct :pt1cable:
  3. Yeah, I had a cooler that I used on an AM2 setup, and it's in my AM3 rig now.
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