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What backup software do you use?

I bought the Samsung 830 256 SSD. Well as it turns out, the version I bought from new egg does not come with Norton Ghost 15

So I have no backup software.
Im wondering what most of you guys are using, should I buy Ghost15 or is my money better spent buying a different possibly better clone software?

Thanks for you recommendations

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    My 2 cents:
    i use Acronis True image 2010.
  2. Acronis is an excellent product. If you want a free one, try EASEUS ToDo backup.
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  4. Your original post is a little confusing because you used the terms backup and cloning.

    I don't use any cloning utility to transfer an operating system and files from a hard disk drive to an ssd. Instead I do a clean install of Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64 and software applications. Very very easy to do if you have the OS and applications on a cd-rom disc. Installation on a ssd is fast compared to a hard disk drive. Transferring data files is even easier. Once the ssd is working I just use the good old Windows drag and drop. Works for me.

    For actual backups I use the Microsoft Windows Backup and Restore feature. I picked what I wanted saved and I scheduled backups to be done automatically every Sunday morning. The backups are saved to the hard disk drive. No muss! No fuss! No bother!

    Here is a link to Microsoft with more information:

    BTW - Did I mention it was free? :)
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