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I have a Gateway dx4831-01e and am happy with its components save for its video card/PSU(300W) and HDMI port. see specs:
I employ a dual monitor display and unfortunatley do not have an HDMI monitor. I was searching for a cable: DVI Female to HDMI male but could only find an adapter and thus would need to buy a HDMI cable to attach to the adapter.
However, updating the graphics card would kill these two birds with one stone, that is, Id get better graphics(or would hope to) and hopefully the correct ports would be included on the card--ie, DVI and VGA or 2 DVI ports. Thus, my questions: What is an ideal graphics card for this unit?--Im not a gamer--and what PSU should I upgrade to? Also, there is no case fan should I add one of those too? Would buying a card with a DVI and HDMI output for use with my DVI monitor(with the aforementined configuration of adapter and cable)have any benefits over a card with two DVI ports? Would the addition of the card have noticeable benefits? Im no gamer but do use dual monitors and Adobe's CS4 suite extensively.
Im not interested in spending more than $100 or so on the card as the entire system was purchased for $600--

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  1. hey yvette

    if you dont game then no need to upgrade your PSU
    find a card like an ATI 4350 (roughly $35), it will power both your monitors.

    for the second monitor, you would also need to purchase an adapter for the VGA out to connect to your DVI cable
  3. Thanks ct1615,

    I was thinking of something a little more powerful--Would this work?:
    Didn't see any specs there re:the PSU.
    Or how about this one? The specs say a 400W PSU is recommended but found the link through the forum where someone was asking about the best card for a 300W PSU--

    Which one is better?
    What about a case fan--Would I need one?

  4. if your PC is not overheating then there is no need for an extra case fan

    the GT240 will need a bit more power then your current PSU while the 4670 can work on it but both those cards are entry level gamer cards and you don't game.

    If you really want an upgrade I would suggest the ATI 4650 (rather then ones you linked) which would be a very basic gaming card but brings up the issue that you don't game. While any of the cards mentioned will be an improvement for web surfing, watching video, Adobe, dual monitors. Spending more money won't really benefit you since none of those tasks require a powerful card.

    *if you want to play games like Sims3, the 4650 I linked is more then capable.
    * the 4670 would help for games like World of Warcraft.
    * and for games that like to push the graphic envelope, we can recommend better cards and PSU upgrades.
  5. Thanks again,

    I think I ll go with the 4650--
    What brand is best? Should I go by the customer reviews on newegg?
    the specs for the 4650 recommend a PSU of 400w--should I upgrade the PSU too? I dont want to risk overheating or am I just being overly cautious? Im not sure of the amps on my 3rd rail--This is all the info I gathered off the PSU:
    DC output: -12V----.5A max
    +3.3V-----20A max
    +12V1-------10A max
    +12V2--------13A max
    Combined power on +12V1 + +12V2 not to exceed 20A
    at 25 degs not to exceed 300W
    at 50 degs not to exceed 270W

  6. The HD4650 is very low power, your PSU should be ok.
    It's a decent choice but if you aren't gaming at all I'd go for the HD5450 instead as it is even lower power, newer and has superior features for video playback.
  7. Thanks jyjjy,

    Good to know that it'll work with my PSU--Unfortunately, I already bought the HD4650.

  8. It's still a good choice like I said. Should serve you well.
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