What fans for my H100?

What fans should I take for my Corsair H100

This is my current build

I want to get new fans for my Corsair H100. 2 Fans as pull configuration. (It's pretty close to the bottom fans of my Raven RV-02e so it'll be close to Push&Pull configuration)

I'm looking for 2 120x120mm fans that are silent, but also very powerfull.
I'm not looking for LED lights. Just stylish black fans.

I've heard Noctua's or something are pretty good, but I'm NOT looking for ugly brown fans. Just plain black, but powerfull.

What is my best choice?
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  1. I was very interested in the Cougar Vortex. But I live in the Netherlands, and so far I've only found those ugly orange ones. I want black ones, not orange.

    I would like to know it's performance compared to the Cooler Master Excabilur and the Corsair SP120

    Note that I will have to be able to buy them in the Netherlands.
    (Has to be available on Hardware info or on Tweakers.
    Just use the search option to find the products

    Thanks so far
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