5870+CrossfireX question

Hey everyone!

My system specs are:

Asus Rampage Extreme
OCZ DDR3 4GB Platinum Edition 1333Mhz

i'm running an xfx 8600GT Fatal1ty Passive cooled edition :pt1cable:

I plan on getting an Ati Sapphire 5870 Vapor X edition...
but just as i was going through the web i came across news of the Asus ROG Matrix 5870 2GB :love: (wonder what the price tag will be like?)

My question to you folks reading this -

can i manage to run the sapphire and THEN buy the Asus ROG card and have them run on crossfire? or should both cards be the same?
If you can walk me through the basics on crossfireX , that'd be neat!

If you want to know what resolution i'll run them at - Will have it running on a Samsung XL2370 on recommended resolution (i dont have it now - will get that too)

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  1. The Extra GB is a total waste, if the 4890 2gb is any indcator. Aslo, You will los eth eextra gig of you Xfire a 2gb and a 1gb.

    (Not that it matters)
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