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Hello all,

Here at work my boss got a computer from a friend of his to use in our office, its a old school p4 with winxp sp3 on it and i spent the day deleting and moving files around. I wanted to get it communicating with our network at work and noticed that the settings pointed to a domain (which was what his friend used at work) and I needed it to talk to our workgroup. However when I changed the computer name and the domain to a workgroup it actually changed the users and the passwords around to where I cannot log into windows at all any more.

Thanks for the help.

Matt T
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I understand this tread is a little vague so I plan to provide more information upon request. Thanks.
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  1. Yeah, that tends to happen, and probably the best thing to do would be just reinstall Windows. While I'm sure the person meant well, they may well have left programs on that computer which are licensed specifically for use in that company, and would technically be pirated now that your boss has the computer. That may even include the copy of Windows on there. Some companies will install their own site licensed version of Windows on all units, replacing the factory installed version.
  2. thanks for the response,

    Yeah I was hoping there would be something that could be done. As for reformatting, I've had some seriously bad luck this last month trying to reformat windows xp since I can't seem to find legit service packs for it anymore. Another issue with reformatting is my boss doesn't have a valid xp cd or key for that machine so that is right out at this moment.

    Isn't there a way to discover the current windows cd key (genuine advantage key) from the registry? And is it possible to locate it without loggin in? Probably not.

    I saw one solution searching google however the guy installed a linux version onto a seperate partition on the same drive as xp and was able to locate and open his regestry files (however his goal was not to find the cdkey). Does that theory sound effective?


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