Can I call it safe OC now?

Hey guys!
Once again,here I am,in need of help.
About 3 weeks ago,I overclocked my i7 860 from 2,8 Ghz(stock speed) to 3,45 Ghz because I was experiencing a huge bottleneck/slowdowns in all games.
Since I overclocked the CPU,the slowdowns are gone and I now play all the games the way I wanted to(using a Radeon HD 6850).

The lag is gone and my PC seems to be running twice better than before.
Yet,how I really overclocked my CPU is a mistery,I can´t overclock,I mean I know a little about a O.C. yet not too much.
I overclocked the CPU using a website I found(through BIOS,of course).

Like I said,it´s been over 3 weeks now since then,since I overclocked it to 3,45 Ghz and it is running GREAT.
I haven´t seen any error yet and the Intel CPU Stress test(or whatever is called) was a succes,the CPU passed all the tests and loops,during several hours.
My idle temps are around 30-33 ºC and the temps while gaming(Load) are around 40-45 º C.

The PC is running great and the temps are just perfect;My question is:
Can I call for a safe overclock now?
Can I say that the overlclock is safe and stable?
What do you think?

Remember,the CPU passed all the tests during several hours,no errors in Windows so far and no BSODs.

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  1. If it passes intel burn-in test, it should be stable ;)
  2. seems safe enough. You have good CPU cooler, good motherboard and good PSU right?
  3. quas said:
    seems safe enough. You have good CPU cooler, good motherboard and good PSU right?

    Answering in the order of questions:

    Scythe Katana 3
    Asus P7P55 LX
    Cooler Master Real Power M620
  4. Yeah I would definately call it safe. Overclocks normally fail for me during normal use. They normally don't fail when stress testing for me. So to me the best way to test if your stable is to put your PC through the ropes and just use it. And you did that and have had no problems.

    So I feel you have a stable overclock for sure.
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