The Maximum Capacity of Hard Disk for my pc

Hi all friends,

I wonder if i want to buy a new hard disk for my PC.
How much capacity of hard disk will supported to my PC.
And, How can i know?

Please help me

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  1. Well it depends on your motherboard.
    Are we talking about a SATA 2 or SATA 3 compatible motherboard?

    The biggest Hard drives are SATA 3 4TB drives.
  2. Thanks

    But if i know about my motherboard model. What should i do then to determine the maximum capacity of hard disk will support to this model.
  3. You can tell us.

    Or you can go to the manufacturer's support site for that model and check if it has a specification/manual/user guide.
  4. Thanks
    But are there any application or way to check this by my own self?
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