Please comment on my new system plan :-)

Hi guys, I'm building a PC for a friend of mine. The main aim is to build something future-proof that can play Battlefield Bad Company 2 and most of the latest games on 1900 by 1200 at a good level of detail, apart from that it's fairly open. Here is what I've gone with and I would really appreciate any comments or improvements from you. Thanks for your time. Ant.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What is your budget for the rig? and, Which is the main use that you want for the rig?
  2. nice system, there are still few things to work on.
    First, you didn't choose a PSU. If you are not planning to upgrade, you can probably go with a 500-550 watts

    Second, the case. You shouldn't thy to save money on it. Go with a cooler master/antec mid-tower.

    Third, what is the arctic cooling freezer? Are you sure you need it?
  3. The case you CAN save money on. The cheapest ATX case you can find would be fine. However the better cases can help cooling a little and have USB / audio etc on the top.

    Don't go cheap on the power supply though, go for cosair, antec, pc power n cooling, silverstone, seasonic, and OCZ.
  4. A 5770 isnt going to play BC2 at 1900x1200 very well. I suggest spending more on a 58xx and building around that.
  5. Thanks for the replies. The main use of the PC will be gaming. I completely forgot the PSU tbh. Overall price was going to be about 450-500 but it seems to be rising :-). With a decent PSU I guess it'll come to about 630 overall. Any ideas for shaving a few pounds off? I was thinking of a 500-550W PSU, do you think that will be enough? Thanks again. Ant.
  6. I have a 4870 with a Q6600 and 4gigs of DDR3 and that runs BC2 at 1900 by 1200 very well. I would think that a 5770 should be more than ample?
  7. you cold try this
    you could leve the sound card for now the newer boards got decent sound

    650watt antec
    500gb seagate
    Amd x4 630
    antec 200
    ati 5770
    cooler master 212+
    dvd writer
    4 gb ddr3
    gigabyte board

    that comes to under £561
    or you could trade to these for a better graphics card

    amd x3
    ati 5850

    with those changes its £670
  8. If you want future proof DO NOT get anything LGA775, it's dead. Go with an AMD AM3 socket like obsidian suggested.
  9. I haven't built a PC for a couple of years now and was just assuming LGA775 was the way to go. Why would you say "it's dead". Do you think, for the price point, it is worth going for a X4 630 or would it be wise to spend an extra 30 and get an X4 955?
  10. intel has stopped making socket 775 all thats left on the market is surplus stock

    it has now been replaced with socket 1156 with an inflated price tag for the performance returns
  11. Get the x4 955.
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