X1800XL and 4850 experiment

Hello folks, this is time for me to ask something.

Have any of you an idea on how to make an ATi X1800XL (With VIVO) work with a 4850/4890 at the same time? I'm not talking about XFire though. Only use the X1800XL to stream video IN (yes, i have some uses on it still) and the other to do whatever I can't on the X1800XL (like games). I have an SLI MoBo and I'll change it for an 790FX (or the next gen AMD chipset) if it's necesary.

So far I've tried to use them as is (no tweaking on drivers nor special drivers) and I haven't been able to use the X1800XL. Seven tells me "no no" and can't figure out why =/

And let's leave the "You can always switch cards!" for plan Z :P

Thanks in advance 8)

Cheers! xD!
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  1. So, when both are in, everything boots fine and Windows sees both, but you cannot install drivers, or what exactly does "no no" mean (I assume that isn't literal).
  2. Yep, Seven boots (64bit) and it lets me install the drivers (again, lol) saying this after the install and/or rebooting:

    "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

    Now, when I open CCC the card is nowhere to be found. Any ideas? :P


    EDIT: Typo.
  3. Maybe manually install drivers (no CCC) using the newest for the 4850 and older (whatever it needs) for the X1800. Try installing with Device manager perhaps?
  4. Oki, I'll try that and post later on.

    Kinda late around here in Chile :P

    Thanks, EXT64, hope you can help me tomorrow 8)

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    Its getting late here too (East Coast US). We'll see about tomorrow though, if the weather is good I might be in Lab and class all day (and part of the night)!
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  7. Well, i just read on the ATI website they're not giving my good old X1800XL VIVO support on Seven 8(

    Thanks for the help anyway, EXT64 8)

    Since we agree on the time thingy, I'll select that as the best answer :P

    Cheers! xD!
  8. Might Vista drivers work? That's what I used on my laptop (X1400, definitely no longer supported). Probably not worth the effort though, as it'll probably be a mess even if it does work.
  9. Sorry. ATI stopped support for the older All-In-Wonder video streamimg cards with XP. That is to say, drivers still work (if you only use it as a graphics card), but the VIVO capability will not. I ran into the same issue when I first wanted to update my system with an X1800XL from XP.

    -Wolf sends
  10. Bummer. If no Vista drivers even, then this won't work for sure.
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