Eyefinity and nvidia 3d

I am wanting to do this for Bad Company 2, the game supports both but can it be done together?
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    No, Eyefinity requires an ATI 5000 series card while NVidia 3D obviously needs and NVidia card. ATI is starting to push some 3D stuff, so maybe in the future 3D + eyefinity will be doable. Also, Eyefinity needs multimonitors while 3D needs high refresh rate + glasses.
  2. So is there no eyefinity type thing for nvidia?
  3. In the future too, unfortunately.

    So neither group gives you what you are looking for right now, but both may before too long :lol:
  4. cool, thx for the help.
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  6. I saw somewhere someone doing it with a laptop and they used this.

    It wouldn't be as efficient as eyefininty but It still worked.
  7. Ah yes, I forgot about triple head to go. I haven't heard much about it (so consequently I forget about it). Is it very expensive?
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